Early Childhood Education Near West Valley City, UT

Our pre-K school in West Valley City, UT, makes learning fun and helps children reach critical developmental milestones. At ABC Great Beginnings, we aim to foster an interest in education that will lead our little students to a bright future. It’s never too early to take an interest in learning, and our early childhood education program will provide them with a solid foundation. Our attentive teachers are here to meet everyone’s unique needs and allow them to try something new daily. You can expect the best from our well-planned pre-K curriculum.

Our Pre-K Offers a Research-Based Curriculum

ABC Great Beginnings offers a research-based curriculum for our pre-K classes centered around playtime activities. Our Immersive learning style allows children to learn basic concepts and learn new skills at their own pace. We do hands-on activities such as arts and crafts, building blocks, and pattern recognition games, among others. These experiences are designed to develop a child’s ability to socialize with peers, improve their motor skills, and boost their confidence. Early childhood education is an excellent way to get your child interested in learning and become academically oriented from a young age.

The teachers each receive extensive training to work with kids at all levels. They lead with care and attention, so every child in our program can get the support they need to succeed. At the core of what we do are respect and the goal of providing a positive environment for everyone.

We Welcome Your Family to Our Pre-K School

We’re a family-focused child development center that welcomes children 3 – 5 years old to participate in our program. ABC Great Beginnings is a well-established and trusted preschool with a location in West Valley City, UT. Our teachers are trained and experienced professionals who acclimate kids to the classroom structure and make school a place they’ll look forward to going to every day. We teach an organized and diverse curriculum that keeps children engaged in fun and educational activities. We’ll encourage your child to explore their creativity, make friends, and discover new skills. 

We create a safe and friendly atmosphere that lets children learn the way they do best—by doing! Every immersive learning experience we put together is designed to teach something new and build off what they already know. Learn more about our program and get your child signed up today. 

Sign Your Child Up for Preschool Today

A good preschool education will prepare your child for future academic endeavors. Our comprehensive curriculum covers many topics and will make their time here worthwhile. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child under our care has the tools and support they need to do well in school. Make the most of your child’s pre-K experience by enrolling them at ABC Great Beginnings in the West Valley City, UT, area. Registration for our early childhood education program is now open on our website!

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