Early Childhood Education Near Murray, UT

When you’re looking for a pre-K program, you only want the best for your child. Luckily, ABC Great Beginnings near Murray, UT, offers a quality preschool program nationally recognized for its curriculum. We believe in making early childhood education a fun experience for our little students because they’ll look forward to school as they grow up. We have a series of hands-on learning activities that help students learn at a developmentally appropriate pace in a fun and engaging way. Register online and learn more about what our child development center offers. 

Pre-K School with a Research-Based Curriculum

The teachers at our pre-K school teach a research-based curriculum called TeachingStrategies, which is designed for kids ages 2 -5 to learn through fun activities. After all, we understand that children learn best by doing. Our activities are programmed a month in advance to plan out which materials they’ll need and what topics we’ll cover. You can expect them to participate in activities such as building block cities, making dough sculptures, and planting seeds as a science experiment. We put together a different plan every day to keep children engaged and looking forward to learning something new.

A Fun and Educational Preschool Experience

We believe in making learning fun through playtime activities that build confidence and social skills. Our activities are meant to teach aptitudes such as recognizing shapes, counting, and saying the alphabet. Teachers constantly communicate with parents to loop them in on what we’re doing each month and whether there is something they can do to help make it happen. Although we provide the materials for a wide range of activities, there may be times when you may be asked to contribute easily accessible materials. 

ABC Great Beginnings is the Best Pre-K Around

The preschool program at ABC Great Beginnings sets the bar because we’re state-licensed, meet the Bureau of Child Care standards, and have more than 30 years of experience. Parents near the Murray, UT, area are welcome to take a tour of our childcare and education center. Children 2 to 5 years old are enrolled in our pre-K school and are taught a nationally-recognized curriculum. Each teacher passed a background screening and is trained how to put together fun, new curriculum kits each month. After all, we’re all about learning through creativity.

Preschool Registration is Available Online Now

We understand how crucial early childhood education is, and we aim to make it a fun experience for everyone. At ABC Great Beginnings, we have a research-based curriculum that teaches new skills, lets kids have social interaction, and builds self-esteem. We offer flexible, extended hours as well as nights and Saturdays. Enroll your child at our center near Murray, UT, and participate in our afterschool programs and summer camps as they advance through school. Registration for preschool is available online now!

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