West Valley (Redwood Rd.)

West Valley (Redwood Rd.)

When you need child care in West Valley, look no further than ABC Great Beginnings on Redwood Road. Our daycare facility focuses on helping children learn and grow in a positive environment. Child safety and well-being is our primary concern. We care for your children just as we would care for our own.

Our age-based curriculum, TeachingStrategies, includes lessons and weekly activities. We also save a lot of time for structured play, because we believe strongly that play and self-driven exploration are the best ways for kids to learn. We care for children aged three weeks to 12 years.


Working parents are busier than ever these days, and that’s why we open early and close late. Our extended hours mean you can drop off your kids as early as 5:30 a.m. and pick them up as late as 6:30 p.m. Whether you want to take advantage of these early and late start times on a regular basis or you just need to use them occasionally, we make sure we always have caregivers available to accommodate your schedule.

In addition to providing daycare for infants and toddlers and preschool programs for older kids, we provide before- and after-school child care for school-aged children. In fact, we transport your children to and from school and help with homework.


When we transport your children to and from school and when we take them on field trips, we use buses or small vans rather than personal vehicles or 15-person vans. Buses have a better safety record, and keeping your children safe is our first priority. When we need to transport just a few children, we use small vans with the high safety ratings and trained drivers.

Safety is very important to us when your children are at our facility. We have passed safety checks required through the Bureau of Child Development, including all scheduled and unscheduled inspections. We go the extra mile in our outdoor play area with rubber mat surfacing, which helps prevent serious injuries and lessens the impact of slips and falls.


Your children will be safe and nurtured with our team of caregivers, but we don’t stop there. We also want to enrich your child and instill a lifelong love of learning. Our programs are structured around the award-winning TeachingStrategies curriculum, which teaches early skills in math, science and reading. It also offers opportunities for musical and artistic creativity and regular discussions about emotional awareness and social skills. You will get a calendar of scheduled events and activities to help your child prepare, and you can use this calendar for additional enrichment at home.

Healthy Way to GrowEngaging Kids in Healthy Living

ABC Great Beginnings Redwood Rd Child Care Center is excited to be a part of this great new program called Healthy Way to Grow, which was created through the American Heart Association. Healthy Way to Grow is a science based program, that is designed to help stop childhood obesity by changing practices and policies within early childhood programs, to promote better health. See our Healthy Way to Grow Activity  for activities scheduled this month. Fun for kids and family alike.Also see our monthly newsletter for recipes, tips on health and wellness and more.


We have the utmost confidence in our ability to nurture and care for children, but we don’t expect you to make this important decision without visiting our facility and getting all your questions answered. You can call (801) 974-9096 for more information, fill out the form on the right or stop by to see us in person at 3672 S. Redwood Road in West Valley City.


Top Star with The Utah Department Of Health

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3672 S Redwood Road
West Valley City, UT 84119


Mon - Fri
5:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Taishja Archuleta
Schools transported to and from:
  • Taylorsville Elementary
  • Granger Elementary
  • Rolling Meadows Elementary
  • Robert Frost Elementary
  • American Prepatory Academy
  • Redwood Elementary


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  • Visit ABC Great Beginnings on Redwood Road in West Valley.

    Redwood Road

  • We have top-of-the-line facilities.


  • The infant room at our West Valley location is complete with toys, cribs and more for your little one.

    Infant Room

  • Your baby will be safe and sound in our infant room.

    Infant Room

  • Reach out to ABC Great Beginnings for great toddler care

    Toddler Room

  • The toddler room is specially designed for little ones.

    Toddler Room

  • This room is specially designed for two-year-olds.

    Age 2 Room

  • The toddler play area is safe and covered for your children.

    Toddler Play

  • Send your kids to ABC Great Beginnings.

    Age 3 Room

  • We have age-based curriculum and activities.

    Age 3 Room

  • We have state-of-the-art classrooms at all of our facilities.

    Age 4 Room

  • Send your child to ABC Great Beginnings on Redwood Road.

    Age 4 Room

  • Our childcare providers look out for playground safety


  • Older children will love our playground.


  • Pre-k children will have fun learning and playing.


  • Our pre-K programs are second to none.


  • School aged kids are welcome at West Valley ABC Great Beginnings.

    School Age

  • We have space for older, school aged children at ABC Great Beginnings too.

    School Age

  • Our staff at ABC Great Beginnings is dedicated and loving.

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