Preschool Near Redwood Road

It’s never too early to take an interest in education and gain skills for lifelong learning. At ABC Great Beginnings near Redwood Road, we offer an early childhood education program nationally recognized for teaching developmental skills through playtime learning games. Our pre-K school provides a curriculum that makes learning fun because children learn best by doing hands-on activities. They will learn to count, recognize shapes, patterns, and more at a developmentally appropriate pace. We have teachers who have extensive training and experience to attentively look after your children and patiently teach them essential skills. Take the first step toward enrolling your child in pre-K by registering online.

Research-Based Early Childhood Education

Our pre-K school offers a research-based curriculum called TeachingStrategies that lets kids learn by doing. We plan activities such as arts and crafts, simple science experiments, and games designed to build motor skills. Children will gain confidence and learn social skills like listening and cooperating to play a game and put everything away after. Playtime activities are engaging, and we switch things up to give our little students something new to look forward to every month. ABC Great Beginnings is a state-licensed preschool that parents trust because we meet the high-quality standards set by the Bureau of Child Care. Our qualified teachers have taught a nationally-recognized curriculum to children 2 to 5 years old for decades. You can expect us to offer an early childhood education program that makes learning fun and engaging.  

Register for Pre-K Online Now

Sign your child up for preschool at ABC Great Beginnings, where we offer flexible hours for busy parents. We teach a fun, comprehensive curriculum that’s proven to help kids learn critical developmental skills. The teachers at our pre-K school near Redwood Road have passed background screenings and are knowledgeable about how children learn best. Our hands-on activities will engage your child in learning and build their confidence as they gain new skills. You can feel confident enrolling your child at our pre-K near Redwood Road, where we offer research-based early childhood education. We offer flexible hours for busy parents who Register online now to get started.

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