Early Childhood Education near Sandy, UT

For more than 30 years, ABC Great Beginnings has been a quality place for early childhood education near Sandy, UT. Our state-licensed preschool has a team of qualified professionals you can always trust to watch over your child and teach them skills that will benefit their development. We make pre-K school fun for young kids because we implement a playful approach to learning. In addition, we make our pre-K programs more affordable for parents. 

Parents who have children ages two to five are invited to enroll their kids in our pre-K program so they can start doing some developmental activities that are appropriate for their age group. A few of these activities include arts and crafts, rhythm and music, science experiments, and much more. We have many ways to engage all the students’ imaginations at our early childhood education preschool and keep them fascinated with learning.

A Quality Preschool for Childhood Development

Attending preschool gives children valuable first experiences, such as following and adhering to group instructions, communicating with peers, and discovering new materials in practical situations. Our pre-K programs ensure that students are getting a balanced, inspiring early childhood education experience that is put in place to teach them a variety of strengths and concepts.

ABC Great Beginnings has a positive reputation. Many parents have recognized us as one of the best pre-K schools near the Riverton area because of our commitment to giving your child a beneficial early education. We do all we can to ensure that everything is taken care of correctly, from offering dependable transportation and a safe playground to having a professionally designed program that addresses the different stages of development. 

One thing that distinguishes us from other pre-Ks or daycare centers is that the state licenses us, and we comply with the Bureau of Child Care. All of our staff members have gone through and passed a background check. They are qualified professionals who teach a nationally recognized curriculum that involves educating through playtime activities.

You Can Enroll for Pre-K Today!

ABC Great Beginnings wants all of our students to be successful. The curriculum for our two to five-year-old students focuses on establishing affirmative opinions regarding learning, enhancing self-worth, and developing curiosity. We created this educational program solely for the age group, and the program is challenging enough but fitting for their age and mental growth.

Our small classes allow us to present extra activities when necessary for students who want or need something a bit more challenging. All age groups at our school use identical, uniform weekly social studies subjects, but each group engages in specific age-appropriate activities. The pre-K programs at ABC Great Beginnings increase children’s skills much further than what is recommended before they start kindergarten.

Do you want more information about the schooling your child could obtain with us? Some of these things include:

  • Preschool Reading, Writing and Literacy
  • Preschool Math, Art, and Science
  • Preschool Music, Food, and Play
  • Preschool Communication and Assessments
  • Preschool Parent Participation

Enroll Your Child in Pre-K Today!

If you want more information about our pre-K school, visit our interactive tour page or reach out to us for more details. We have helped children throughout the Sandy area gain the skills they need for a lasting appreciation for education.

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