We believe preschool should be a fun and engaging experience for kids since it’s the first time they’ll be in some form of the classroom. At ABC Great Beginnings near Jordan Landing, UT, we have a curriculum full of diverse activities and teachers trained to provide their full devoted attention. We use various games and materials in our program because we understand that children learn best by doing. Every day kids have a chance to learn through playtime activities, and each month we switch gears to introduce a new topic. There are endless opportunities to facilitate emotional, social, and developmental growth!

The Best in Early Childhood Education

Our pre-K offers a fun and educational curriculum called Teaching Strategies, which is composed of activities that encourage children to achieve developmental milestones. Some learning activities may include simple science experiments, arts and crafts, and sorting games that add to their existing skills and pique their interest. We have an attentive staff that prepares monthly curriculum kits that plan out what they’ll learn and the materials used to make it as engaging as possible. These plans build new skills such as number recognition, speaking and listening, creativity, and more. We inform parents what to expect from the various activities we participate in and what we have coming up on our calendar for next month. Our goal is to meet a high-quality standard for child care and be flexible enough to provide a developmentally appropriate educational program.

Why Choose Our Pre-K School

ABC Great Beginnings is a state-licensed early childhood education center that adheres to all regulations set by the Bureau of Child Care and was established more than 30 years ago. We’re located near the Jordan Landing, UT, area to provide convenient services for local families. Our professional staff offers child care and learning opportunities for kids ages 2 to 5 enrolled in our pre-K school. We’ve built trust with parents by ensuring that each teacher on our staff has passed a background screening and received training to teach our nationally recognized curriculum. Through playtime activities, we can create a nurturing environment suitable for building new skills and retaining information. Take a tour of our pre-K school and get a better picture of what it will be like for your child to attend our program.

Register Your Child in Pre-K Online Now

Our pre-K stands out from others near Jordan Landing, UT, because we are fully set up to make child care and early childhood education easier for parents. Children as young as two can enter our preschool program, and there are flexible hours available for busy parents with a fixed schedule. We offer a research-based curriculum that is sure to entertain kids for hours while also helping them reach new developmental milestones. ABC Great Beginnings is where you want to enroll your kids for pre-K school and after-school programs and summer camps as they get older. Register online now!

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