Early Childhood Education Near Salt Lake City, UT

Preschool is where children become acclimated to the structure of a classroom environment, so our teachers always aim to make it a fun experience. ABC Great Beginnings has a diverse curriculum that is an excellent introduction to new topics that will allow them to reach developmental milestones. We believe in the importance of early childhood education because it sets the foundation for lifelong learning. Our goal is to put together a curriculum that is constantly varied to keep activities interesting and dynamic from day to day. Learn more about our program and sign your child up today!

Learning Is Fun With Our Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum makes learning fun through an array of engaging games and interactive activities. We understand that kids learn best by doing, so we create a hands-on program that teaches new skills and instills confidence. The children at our pre-K school learn to socialize, memorization skills, and pattern recognition skills, which will serve them well as they progress through school. We do activities like counting blocks, singing the alphabet, and painting with various colors to instill these skills in a way that captures their interests. There’s always something new, and we keep parents in the know as we go along in case they can help with materials.

The Best Pre-K School Near Salt Lake City

ABC Great Beginnings is a well-established early childhood education center near Salt Lake City, UT, area. Families across the valley trust our pre-K school because we adhere to Bureau of Child Care standards, and we’re state-licensed. We pride ourselves on showing exemplary care and attention to each one of our students, and we aim to make learning fun for everyone. We have a trained staff with experience teaching a well-recognized curriculum to your preschool-aged children, 3 to 5 years old. When your child begins their education here with us, you can be sure that we will set them off on a path towards a bright future. Their confidence grows as they make new friends and try fun, hands-on activities that encourage learning. They’ll look forward to school, and it’ll translate over as they enter elementary school. Please get started by taking a tour of our pre-K and see for yourself what sets us apart.

Register Your Child for Pre-K Online Now

Pre-K is where children can grow by leaps and bounds with good teachers and the right curriculum. Parents will find that ABC Great Beginnings stands heads above the rest in terms of the fun, interactive activities we plan each month and the level of care we provide for each one of our students. We’re conveniently located near Salt Lake City, UT, and we’re always accepting new students on a rolling basis. Please register your child in preschool online today and meet with one of our teachers to have all your questions answered.

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