Age Specific Child Care & After School Programs


There is nothing more precious than a tiny baby. All babies have their own individual needs based on their age. Our infant program is designed to be flexible in order to meet their changing needs (and their need to be changed). From six weeks to six months, their needs are simply to bond with their caregiver and work on developing their muscles. We plan “tummy time” and simple games like peek-a-boo to encourage their natural curiosity.

From six months to one year, children learn to babble, move and play. Each of our 8 daycare centers in and around the Salt Lake Valley provides a safe environment and toys to encourage learning. Books, manipulatives, music, and blocks are some of the toys and activities available.

We also have outdoor time, and some of our centers have a separate infant/toddler play area. (Infant and toddler care is available at select locations.)


Toddlers learn through everything they do. That’s why our toddler program is all about exploration. During this exciting time of their lives, your toddler learns to walk, talk, run, and climb. They begin to learn to take care of their own needs. We help them learn to feed themselves, develop language skills, and play alongside other toddlers. Whether it’s with art, music, or sand and water play, each toddler will have opportunities to explore and learn in a safe and fun environment.

Our daycare facilities also offer outdoor time. At some of our centers we even have a separate infant/toddler play area. (Infant and toddler care is available at select locations.)

Two-Year Olds

Two-year-olds are ever-inquisitive and seem to have limitless energy. Our program is designed to use that energy for your child’s learning while we support and encourage their independence. We begin early preschool activities by introducing circle time with this age group. This is a time for calendar activities and lessons that introduce letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Our curriculum, TeachingStrategies, is a wonderful resource for teaching. Each month, we learn about two themes. It provides us with hands-on activities and crafts to enhance your child’s learning.

During recess, our teachers play group games in addition to supervised free-play activities on safe outdoor play equipment.

We also teach the beginnings of potty-training to reinforce what your child is learning at home.

Contact one of our centers to find out more.

Three & Four Year-Olds

Three- and four-year-olds love to experiment. They wonder, “What will happen if I…” We provide an environment that is safe, yet encourages their learning and growth. Our program for three- and four-year-old students teaches pre-writing skills: letter recognition, numbers, shapes and colors, and even how to write and recognize their own names. They will do simple science projects, learn new songs, and learn to play and share with other children. Our curriculum, TeachingStrategies, will teach them all about their world in terms they can understand by focusing on two themes per month. Through interactive and cooperative games, rhyming, and storybook activities, your child will grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Outside recess time is provided with games and activities to develop large-motor skills and encourage cooperation between children.

To learn more please contact us directly.


Our preschool program is designed to help your Utah preschooler meet all the kindergarten readiness goals. In addition to learning to recognize and write letters and numbers, your child will learn early math skills such as counting and measuring, early reading skills such as letters and sounds, and physical skills such as hopping, skipping, and throwing and catching balls. Your child will learn to write their name and learn their left and right. This year is more structured, yet still allows the essential time for your child to learn through free-play and interaction with their peers. This is a year to prepare your child for their next stage in learning – their school years.

We use TeachingStrategies as our core educational curriculum. It includes active learning, art, music, physical education, nutrition, and everything else you would expect from a high-quality preschool. TeachingStrategies is known for providing Salt Lake-area children for success in school. We meet all the requirements for national accreditation as well as the National Head Start Program Performance Standards.

Tour one of our centers to see how your children will benefit from our curriculum.

Outside recess time includes free-play time and learning games and activities that teach cooperation skills, including basketball and other team sports.

School-Age Children

We have many excellent programs for our school-age kids. Please read more on our Before and After School Care page.