Learn Educational Strategies for Parents

TeachingStrategies is a research-based home school and preschool program.

ABC Great Beginnings is proud to use the TeachingStrategies curriculum at all our locations. Designed specifically for homeschoolers and daycares like ours, Mother Goose is a multi-dimensional, completely interactive curriculum designed to spark a love of learning and discovery in your child.

This research-based early learning curriculum is easy to follow for teachers and parents. It covers 33 topics to develop your little one’s social-emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development. We know it’s never too soon to start learning, so we picked the curriculum that works for kids from birth to five years old and available in English and Spanish.

Your kids will look forward to a new theme every month with different variations each week. This makes it easier for kids to connect all the different topics and activities together. Themes like Dinosaur Dig, Ocean Commotion, Nature Detectives and more, your kids will learn something new every day. Included in the curriculum is a built-in assessment system to measure child’s progress.

Research-Based Learning

The TeachingStrategies curriculum revolves around research in neurobiology, behavioral sciences and social sciences to understand relationships, culture and environment affect a child’s development. Based around the idea that children learn best through play and every child plays differently, its unique model uses teacher support, your child’s experience and family engagement to fuel play and more learning. As your child expresses themselves with art, music and storytelling, the skills they learned in other lessons will solidify. Best of all, Mother Goose encourages emotional strength and inclusiveness with others, how to play kindly and cooperate in groups.

What They Learn at ABC Great Beginnings

The TeachingStrategies curriculum prepares your kids for a lifetime of discovery. When they experience sharing and learning with other children like them they become ready for kindergarten and beyond. The following are some of the core subjects your children will learn at ABC Great Beginnings:

  • Social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Language and literacy development
  • Mathematics and reasoning
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Creative development
  • Second language acquisition development

Call us today to speak to any of our teachers about our curriculum. We have locations across the Wasatch Front, from Clearfield to South Jordan. We’re ready to answer any questions about learning needs, curriculum contents and more. Call us today to learn more!

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