Toddler Care Center for South Jordan, UT

Every parent wants to set their child up for a successful future. Starting your child’s education as soon as possible is an investment in their happiness and accomplishments. If your goal is for your children to have a happy, productive and rewarding future, you’re not alone. The professionals from ABC Great Beginnings share these goals with you. Get a head-start on your child’s success by enrolling them in our toddler daycare today. Not only will ABC Great Beginnings give your child on a great start on their education, but they’ll also help them grow and reach important developmental milestones.

Come visit our South Jordan location to learn why families across Utah have trusted us to care for and teach their toddlers. Our daycare center uses learning activities for toddlers, allowing them to learn, grow and develop healthy curiosity. Our professionals know that toddlers learn best by doing, which is why our hands-on activities are so beneficial. When you drop off your child at ABC Great Beginnings, you can trust that they’re in for a day of productive learning. Our toddler learning programs offer the following:

  • Exploration: Toddlers learn best by doing. That’s why we encourage your children to walk, talk, run and climb.
  • Learning Self-Care: Our teachers will help your child learn how to feed themselves, develop language skills and play alongside other toddlers.
  • Exciting Activities: Our curriculum offers lessons that integrate art, music and sand or water play. This encourages your children to explore and use their senses.
  • Recess: During recess, our teachers play group games as well as supervised free-play activities on our safe outdoor play equipment.

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At ABC Great Beginnings, we’re completed dedicated to growing your child’s emotional, mental and physical growth. Call us today at 801-233-0333 to learn more about our toddler daycare.

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