Enroll your child in a care center that prioritizes a safe, friendly and nurturing environment. The competent care providers at ABC Great Beginnings provide supportive and attentive daycare for toddlers at our Clearfield, UT location. We have daily learning activities and lessons planned to encourage learning and provide structured play time. Toddlers and children up to 12 years old are given the individual attention they need to grow intellectually and emotionally. You will see your child flourish as they learn new social skills and gain creative abilities.

Extended Day Care Center Hours

We understand that parents have busy schedules that require them to work long days and sometimes take on night shifts. Our Clearfield daycare center is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, so we’re available even if you’re working overtime. You don’t even need to worry about transportation, since we provide bus and small van shuttles to and from local schools. On Saturdays, our toddler day care is also open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm to conveniently serve you.

Learning Activities and Curriculum

Our daycare center is an ideal space for your toddler to gain basic knowledge and early life skills. The child care providers on staff are trained to provide childhood education through TeachingStrategies learning activities. This award-winning curriculum develops an eagerness to learn by encouraging play and exploration. Every month your child will bring home a calendar with their scheduled learning activities involving early math, reading and science classes. We also place an emphasis on creativity through art and musical discovery, so they will have a well-rounded curriculum. They will participate in discussions to help them gain social and emotional awareness skills, which will prove useful as they enter elementary school.

Safety and Training

The caregivers at our toddler care center are licensed by the state of Utah to provide safe and qualified care at our facility. This means our staff has been through rigorous background checks and have proper training to care for babies, toddlers and children. We receive scheduled and unscheduled quality inspections from the Bureau of Child Development, to ensure we are complying with safety rules and regulations. Our facility is injury-proof to prevent slips and our playground has rubber mats to cushion falls.

Health Living Learning Program

In an effort to raise healthy, happy kids we are proud to bring the Healthy Way to Grow program to ABC Great Beginnings in Clearfield. The American Heart Association brings you this childhood health initiative to decrease childhood obesity rates. Read our Healthy Way to Grow activity calendar and newsletter for more information about our participation in this program. Our daycare center follows healthy eating practices and physical activity policies to stay in adherence.

Call for Toddler Day Care in Clearfield

ABC Great Beginnings serves families in the Clearfield area with daycare for toddlers that accommodates their schedules. Allow your child to take part in toddler learning programs and acquire healthy eating habits in the safety of our daycare center. Get quality child care in an environment that fosters learning, social and personal development. Please reach out to us at 801-773-7303 for more information.

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