Daycare Center for Toddlers in Murray, UT

Your child deserves a toddler daycare center that provides a friendly, nurturing and safe environment. The experienced child care providers at ABC Great Beginnings offer exceptional and conscientious care for your toddler at our Murray, UT, location. At our daycare center, we provide daily learning activities and plan out lessons to encourage your child’s curiosity and ability to learn. Structured play time is also an integral part of our daycare for toddlers. Each and every toddler is given the individual attention they need in order to grow intellectually and emotionally. You’ll be satisfied to see your child flourish as they gain new social skills and creative abilities.

Toddler Daycare Hours

Parents have hectic work schedules that involve different work hours, and we understand. Our daycare center in Murray, UT, is open early in the morning and late in the evening Monday through Friday. You can either take advantage of these hours on a regular basis or every once in a while when you need to. We also provide transportation for your children and really focus on safety through the use of buses or passenger vehicles.


Our daycare center for toddlers in Murray, UT, is the perfect place for your child to gain basic knowledge and a skillset that will be useful for the rest of their life. The child care experts on staff are trained to give your child excellent education through TeachingStrategies with our toddler learning programs. This type of learning program gives your child an eagerness to learn through play and exploration. We give your child a calendar to bring home every day that outlines their scheduled learning activities. These include early math, science and reading classes. Additionally, we place importance on creative things like art and musical exploration. We’re proud of our well-rounded curriculum and we believe it helps your child gain exceptional cognitive abilities.


All the caregivers at ABC Great Beginnings in Murray, UT, are licensed by the state of Utah, so that you know we’re giving your child the best preschool education. Our caregivers have the proper training to care for babies and toddlers and they’ve all gone through rigorous background checks before employment. We routinely receive scheduled and unscheduled visits from the Bureau of Child Development to make sure we are in compliance.

Healthy Living Learning Program

We have implemented the Healthy Way to Grow program here at ABC Great Beginnings in Murray. This program is brought to us by the American Heart Association in order to educate your children and help bring down childhood obesity rates. Parents can read our Healthy Way to Grow calendar and newsletter to learn more about our participation in this program. Our daycare center promotes healthy eating practices and physical activities to stay with adherence of the program.

Call Us Today to Learn More about Our Toddler Care Center

ABC Great Beginnings helps parents in the Murray, UT, area, by providing exceptional education for children at our toddler care center while accommodating your schedule. Let your child participate in ABC’s learning activities for toddlers by calling us at 801-773-7303.

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