Redwood Road Toddler Day Care Center

Parents who want a fun and safe daycare for their toddler, will appreciate the learning activities and nurturing environment offered at ABC Great Beginnings. We are located on Redwood Road with close proximity to various neighborhoods, so we can conveniently provide our services. Our toddler care center puts an emphasis on your toddler’s well-being and priming them through our learning programs for early childhood education. Your child will receive individualized attention and the opportunity to relate with other children their age.

Learning Activities and Daycare for Toddlers

Our day care center for toddlers on Redwood Road, conducts a toddler learning program using our award-winning curriculum, TeachingStrategies Time. These weekly lessons and learning activities for toddlers provide a good foundation from which to formulate their individuality and self-esteem. The toddlers at our day care center are encouraged to learn through structured playtime activities and social interaction. By tapping into their creativity, toddlers can build their emotional, intellectual and physical capabilities.

The TeachingStrategies learning program is comprised of well-rounded learning activities that will teach your toddler the following:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Discussions
  • Emotional awareness
  • Social skills

Your toddler will become proficient in these areas through our hands-on learning activities. The TeachingStrategies learning program is a research-based curriculum that teaches toddlers by doing, which is ideal for energetic children. We use creative play to learn about crafts, cooking and numbers. Our tenured instructors have the training and expertise to guide your child through various fun and educational activities.

Why Choose ABC Great Beginnings

Other day care centers for toddlers near Redwood Road just don’t match up to our level of exceptional early childhood education initiatives. ABC Great Beginnings is the ideal place for your child to cultivate skills that will help them in kindergarten, elementary school and beyond. We are proud to offer a safe setting for your toddler to partake in learning activities, orderly recreation time and enjoy nutritious meals. Our facility is part of the Healthy Way to Grow program, which was created by the American Heart Association to promote healthy eating and physical activity in children. From their first day at toddler daycare, they will receive the best instruction and personal attention.

The staff at our daycare center is available as early as 5:30 am to welcome your toddler for a fun day of learning. Because of our extended hours, parents who need to work a little later can count on us to look after their child as late as 6:30 pm. Our aim is to work around your schedule and make day care a seamless transition once they get old enough to go to school. We offer before and after school child care for older kids with the added benefit of transportation and tutoring.

Contact Us for Toddler Daycare

ABC Great Beginnings is committed to the safety of your child and nurturing their developmental growth. Parents who live or work near Redwood Road can rely on us for day care that goes above and beyond what others can offer. Call our toddler care center at (801) 974-9096 to get started today!

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