Infant Child Care for South Ogden, UT

Nothing is more precious than your infant, so if you need affordable infant care in South Ogden, UT, come see our infant daycare at ABC Great Beginnings. Your infant grows quickly, so we adjust their care and activities accordingly. During the first three months of development, these are some of the major milestones that we help promote:

  • Lift and control head: Your baby’s head will be wobbly at first, but soon they’ll be able to lift their head.
  • Hearing and Vision: Hearing and vision is limited in very young infants. They’ll begin to respond to familiar voices and faces. If will take a couple of months for their eyes to become coordinated enough to track an object.
  • Communication: By about 2 months old, your baby might coo and make other sounds.

At ABC Great Beginnings in South Ogden, we help your infants grow and develop with games like “tummy time” and peek-a-boo.

Daycare for Newborns in South Ogden, UT

Parents in South Ogden are busy these days, and many are two-income families. At ABC Great Beginnings, we provide excellent daycare for infants, toddlers and children up to 12 years old. We have a reputation in South Ogden based on trust and reliability. Our infant program offers a lower ratio-to-child than the preschool, so we can give your infant the best care possible.

Come visit our new infant care center in South Ogden and learn more about our infant care program. We play games, play music and read to our infants, in addition to feeding and caring for them. Our infant program involves spending a lot of time bonding and playing. We adjust the schedule based on each baby’s needs, so every infant has an individualized plan that best fits their needs. We encourage learning and growing through play, so we love to spend time playing with our babies.

There are many benefits to our infant care program in South Ogden. These include:

  • Nutrition: we are flexible with our infants’ schedules and feed them according to their needs and eating schedules. We monitor how much our infants eat, as well as how often their diapers are changed. We keep a close eye on their health.
  • Schedules and Routines: We keep regular routines with each infant but are flexible to their needs.
  • Sensory Stimulation: We use music, movement, art, toys and games to stimulate our babies.
  • Stronger Immune Systems: Studies have shown that children in early childcare have stronger, more developed immune systems and missed fewer days of school due to illness.
  • Stability: We offer a safe and stable environment for your infant, where you can be assured they are receiving the best care available in Saratoga Springs, UT.

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Our childcare professionals will give your infant the care and attention they deserve. All of our childcare programs are licensed by the state of Utah and we run background screenings on all of our employees. We offer extended hours for busy parents. Our extended hours are based on availability. Contact us at 801-399-4581 or online for more information.

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