Affordable Infant Care for Sandy, UT

Your children will always be your first priority, whether they’re newborns or toddlers. You want to give your children the best that life has to offer. This requires your children having a head start in their education. The professionals at ABC Great Beginnings are just as passionate about giving your children the best education as you are. We are honored that so many families in Sandy, UT trust us to teach and care for their children in child daycare. With many locations throughout Utah, we provide an affordable infant care option for many families.

We base our effective program around the belief that children learn best by doing. Our program balances keeping your child active in structured activities with allowing flexibility for your child’s changing needs. Each of our programs are targeted towards specific ages, ensuring that children are engaged at every stage of infancy:

  • Six weeks to six months: We create a safe environment, allowing your little bundle of joy to learn and grown in a safe and engaging space. Our caretakers plan “tummy time” and engage your children in simple games, including peek-a-boo. This will encourage their natural curiosity to grow.
  • Six months to one year: This is an imperative stage for your child’s learning. It’s at this time that they’re learning to babble, play and move. We keep up with their education need by promoting learning through books, manipulatives, music and block toys. Our programs also include planned activities, letting them learn and get their wiggles out.

Each age group also engages in outdoor time, letting your child enjoy the fresh air. Select ABC Great Beginnings locations also have separate infant and toddler play areas. Our infant child care allows your children to be both intellectually stimulated and challenged creatively. When your child comes to ABC Great Beginnings, they will grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.

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The caretakers at ABC Great Beginnings are dedicated to your child’s education. When you leave your child at our affordable infant daycare, you can trust that they have a day of learning and discovery ahead of them. Call our Sandy location today at 801-572-1880.

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