Infant Child Care for Clearfield, UT

Your little ones still need care when you're away. ABC Great Beginnings has a room for infants as well as toddlers.

Once your child is born, they become your first priority. You want to provide everything you can for them, and this includes an excellent education from the beginning. Every parent wants their child to start learning, even in their infancy stage. ABC Great Beginnings knows how important this is and we can help. We’re happy that so many families allow us to give their children great infant child care. For families in Clearfield, UT, we offer affordable infant care that benefits any child.

We believe a child learns best by doing, and our program is designed around that belief. We keep your child active during our care, but our program is also flexible enough to focus on your child’s changing needs. Your child can start learning at an early stage:

  • Six weeks to six months: You’ll be happy to know that your child will start to learn and grow in safe, fun environment. Our caretakers will encourage your child’s natural curiosity through “tummy time.” This includes simple games such as peek-a-boo.
  • Six months to one year: Now your child is learning how to babble, play and move around. They’ll start learning through books, music and block toys. Additional activities are also used to let them learn while getting their wiggles out.

We also plan outdoor activities for all ages, so your child has a chance to enjoy the fresh air. At ABC Great Beginnings, your child will be intellectually stimulated and challenged creatively and will grow emotionally, socially and physically through our program.

Enroll at ABC Great Beginnings Today

We know the importance of early education at ABC Great Beginnings, and our affordable infant care will truly benefit your child. When they come into our infant daycare center, you’ll be happy to know they’re in for a day of learning. Give us a call at our Clearfield location at 801-773-7303 and let the education begin.

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