Tools and Games for Practicing Math at Home

Preschool or daycare is where your child will build the first block in their math education. Help your child understand early in life that math exists everywhere in our world, and that it can be lots of fun! Use these games, tools and hints for supporting your child on their learning path.

Practice counting

Learn numbers and counting by practicing during every day activities. There are counting opportunities all around you! Help your child count the seconds at a red light. Let them count how many red grapes versus green grapes they’ve eaten. How many steps are between the front door and their bedroom? Get creative!

Learn what measurements are

Measurement can be tricky to understand, but luckily there is an easy and delicious way to learn about it. Make cookies or another tasty treat with your little one. Line up all the measurement tools and have your child order them by size. Match measurements on the recipe with the numbers on your tools and let your child have an active part in scooping and mixing ingredients.

Identify geometry in every day life

There are different shapes all around us, and your little student can practice naming them just about anywhere. The car is a great place to find new shapes. Encourage your child to look out the windows and find shapes in the everyday objects that pass by.

Learn about directions

Play games that give specific directions, like Red Rover, Red Light Green Light or any other game that uses exact instructions. Play them as usual to begin, and then mix it up! Advance to directions like run diagonally, to the right or left, or even north and south.

Recognize Patterns

Help your youngster understand and recognize patterns. Painting and artwork are a great place to begin. Let your child pick their favorite colors and create patterns using shapes, numbers or letters. With some practice, your child will begin to see patterns all over their world.

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