How Can I Keep My Kids Busy and Learning Over the Summer?

Although we offer a variety of great summer programs, if you would like to spend the whole summer with your kids, or they are old enough to be given some extra responsibility, as a parent you will want to make sure they are safe, healthy, busy, and learning. Here are some ideas to keep your children learning over the summer, so that when they return to school in the fall, they will be engaged and ready to return to classroom learning.

Reading is obviously a good idea any time of year. Depending on age, reading to your children, teaching them to read, or giving them books to read throughout the summer and expecting book reports to present what they learnt are all worthwhile, productive ideas. Aside from reading abilities, your children will learn to interpret the writing and ideas of others. Writing the book reports will help their ability to analyze and, of course, write!

Visiting a farm or zoo and meeting the animals is a great way to teach your kids to respect and admire nature, as well as learn to be careful around animals and give them the space they deserve. Parks and nature preserves are also great ways to get out in nature, enjoy the surroundings, and develop outdoor and physical skills. When they are older, most kids love to go camping. Picnics are fun too for the younger kids!

To develop artistic skills, finger-painting, creating sculptures with Play-Doh, and drawing are all good options. Creating homemade popsicle, using ice cube trays, fruit juice, and toothpicks is a fun, safe way to get kids into the kitchen to develop an interest in the culinary arts. Attending story time at the library is also a good option to develop listening and social skills.

For physical recreation, playing soccer or catch are great ways to bond and develop coordination. Easy hikes are also a great way to develop fitness until fall sports return. Learning knew mental games like Uno, poker, Tetris, or Trivial Pursuit can help build mental dexterity and social bonds.

Does ABC Great Beginnings Offer Summer Programs for My Kids?

Of course, at ABC Great Beginnings we have a summer camp program for school-age children. We have bi-weekly thematic learning events that include things like field trips and learning activities. Also you can look into our summer reading rewards program with reading goals and fun rewards!

Hopefully, you feel like we at ABC Great Beginnings have given you some ideas to keep your kids learning over the course of the summer. As we know, learning is a lifelong process that is as fun as you make it!