Tips for Parents Who are New to Daycare

The first day of daycare is an emotional day for both you and your child. This significant transition can be difficult because your child isn’t used to being without you, and you might be nervous trusting others with their care. However, there are ways you can make this day easier and prevent tears and anxiety. Here are our tips:

Review the Schedule

Preparing your child for the first day will minimize any anxiety. Be detailed and explain it repeatedly. If your child is old enough to understand, explain to them what kind of activities they’ll participate in, the name of the caregiver and where the center is located.

Give Your Family Time to Adjust

Your family will need a few days to adjust to a new routine, whether it’s a changed sleep cycle or just a completely different daily structure. Start waking up at the time you need to be up on daycare days and make sure your child gets up as well. Always make sure to set and keep an appropriate bedtime so everyone is well-rested.

Visit the Daycare Center

Visit the daycare with your child at least one time before the first day. If you’re nearby during this experience, they’ll feel a sense of security while warming up to the new environment. Don’t constantly hover, as you want to make sure that your child has space to explore on their own.

Trust the Caregiver(s)

It is essential that you trust the people who are taking care of your little one. When you’re confident about the daycare and caregivers, your child will also be confident. Alternatively, if you’re anxious, your child will probably also feel anxious.

Get a Back-to-School Gift

Purchasing a special new outfit or backpack for the first day of school is a great way to get your child excited. Not only will they have something to look forward to, but they’ll feel special wearing their new item.

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