Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Daycare Experience

Is your youngster headed to daycare for the first time? Do they know what to expect? Daycare is the first step on your child’s journey through the world of education. It’s an exciting time in their life but it is likely very different from what their daily routine has been so far. Here are some hints to help them get started on the right foot.

Act it out

Before your child goes to their first day of daycare, spend some time acting out how their day will go. Engage their imagination while you practice a day at ABC Great Beginnings. Pretend to be the teacher and let your little one experience what a day could be like. Let siblings join in on the fun too! Brothers and sisters who have already been to daycare can be a great resource for your new attendee.

Listen to your child

Your child could be feeling a huge range of emotions about leaving the house. They may be excited, nervous or both. Actively listen to what your child says about going to daycare. Use this same practice after they start, too. Verbalizing their feelings can be a great way for your child to understand the change in their routine.

Buy a backpack

Let your new student get excited about being a big kid! Pick out a backpack together and let your child get motivated for what’s to come by using it before they get to daycare. Wearing their backpack at home can help kids overcome jitters as well as practice using it on their own. Make sure to label the backpack and any clothing or supplies with your child’s name.

Enforce a bedtime

Start the routine of going to sleep at bedtime and getting up on time a week before they start. This way, there won’t be a surprise when they have to alter their routine. Schedule your mornings to mimic what it will look like once they begin attending. Set a school night bedtime and start following it the week before so your youngster can get used to it.

Read books about preschool and daycare

Help your child learn what daycare is and what to expect by reading books together. They can practice identifying letters and sounding out words while being entertained and engaged by the potential of an exciting day.

Play with other kids

Meet up with cousins, neighborhood friends or extend play with siblings during the week before daycare begins. Help your child remember they will be expected to share, be kind and have fun with other kids when they are at daycare.

ABC Great Beginnings has centers in these convenient locations:

  • Clearfield
  • Jordan Landing
  • Murray
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  • Riverton
  • South Jordan
  • West Valley

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