How You Know a Childcare Center Is Safe

Finding the right childcare is a tough job. The location needs to be convenient, affordable, nurturing and most of all, safe for your child. While there is plenty to consider, safety should be the number one priority when you’re choosing a childcare facility. Here are a few key signs that will tell you whether or not the day care center is safe:

There is tight security

No one should be able to just walk into a day care center. There needs to be a buzzer system for visitors and staff should use a code or keycard. When you’re inside, there should be someone at the door to greet you.

Staff members are educated about safety

Those who care for your child should be certified in CPR and first aid. They should know and follow basic safety precautions, especially safe sleep practices for infants in order to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Childproofing practices are followed

Electrical outlets should be covered and shelves secured to walls so they don’t tip over. The cords on window blinds should never form loops that could strangle a child.

Kids are always supervised

Caregivers need to be attentive and involved. If you notice staff members chatting in a corner and ignoring kids, this is not trustworthy. There should also be enough staff members to take care of all the children.

There are rules in place

Day care workers should undergo thorough background checks. They need to be trained in preventing and recognizing child abuse. Children should never be alone with a caregiver.

The building is toxin-free

Make sure the center has been checked for radon, lead and asbestos. Substances like cleaning supplies and insecticides should be locked away and out of children’s reach.

Outdoor area is safe

Outdoor areas should be fenced in and closely supervised when children are playing. Equipment needs to be well-maintained and the right size for the ages of children who will use it. The general play area needs to be wood chips, mulch, sand pea gravel, shredded rubber or rubber mats.

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