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The human brain begins developing before birth and continues evolving into adulthood. Early childhood development begins by forming either a sturdy or fragile foundation that sets up the mechanisms of learning for the course of a child’s life. A child’s brain forms over 1 million new neural connections during the first several years of his or her life, and then over time these connections slow down as the child ages so that the brain circuits can become more efficient at processing.

The first abilities to develop are basic abilities like hearing and vision, followed by the first language skills and more developed cognitive functioning. The more complex brain circuits then build upon simpler established ones.

At ABC Great Beginnings, we believe in establishing the firmest foundation for a child’s mine from an early age. We have an accomplished and accredited staff that devotes their time and efforts to ensuring that your child has every available advantage to help them get ahead in life. Our facilities receive a minimum of two inspections per year and all of our employees undergo extensive background checks so that you can be assured your young child is in the hands of professionals who care about their wellbeing.

Genes also play a contributing factor in early childhood development. The brain is most “plastic” early in life. It becomes capable of performing more complex functions, yet as time goes on it loses some ability to reorganize and develop the capacity to adapt to unexpected occurrences. Persistent stress can inhibit cognitive development, which is why we have established several locations in the greater Salt Lake City area that have a healthy environment where your children can learn and grow.

We offer summer programs, before and after school programs, as well as special events such as magic shows and puppet shows. Our smartly designed programs are specially tailored to children ages six weeks through 12 years old. Each is designed to foster development and growth, intellectually as well as emotionally and socially. We believe that children learn best by playing and doing things, so our nationally recognized teachers create coordinated activities and specialized events that will engage your child in healthy habits.

What Kind of Childhood Development Services Does ABC Great Beginnings Offer?

We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to your child’s education, safety, and overall wellbeing. Our centers are safe and secure. In addition to all the programs we offer, we also offer specialized programs to suit your child’s individual needs. We offer language activities, large muscle activities, number recognition, listening skills, and fun science experiences as well as creative thinking exercises.

Check out our website to learn more about us, our education philosophies, and what amazing opportunities are in store for you and your child when you enroll at ABC Great Beginnings!

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