Puppet Shows for Preschool Education

If you’ve ever seen a group of young children watch a puppet show, you know how captivated they are by the small people and animals. Puppets represent a safe, fun and humorous view of the world. When children perform puppet shows they can have valuable learning opportunities and developmental experiences. Puppets are engaging toys that support language skills, communication, social/emotional development and help children understand the world around them through imagination.

Language and Communication

Hand puppets, finger puppets and marionettes all interest children with their colors, costumes and facial features. Puppet theaters allow children to be safe behind the curtain, which is much less intimidating than performing for a crowd onstage. Puppets let children interact and explore their knowledge and understanding of the world. When a child can talk through a puppet, sharing becomes less scary. For many children this will open up a new world of communication and help with language skills. Puppets are often used for children with disabilities to support communication development.

Social and Emotional Development

Puppets provide a sense of security that makes it easier for children to express their thoughts and feelings. Puppets allow children to explore their feelings freely and enact situations in a way they’re familiar with. Children can role play situations with puppets and present the feelings and responses they would feel if they were in the situation. This is a great way for children to learn positive social skills and develop empathy for other people. Puppets are an excellent way to learn social intelligence, teach positive interactions, problem-solving and other social/emotional skills.

Activities to Do With Puppets

  • Act out a storybook and create a new ending.
  • Practice script to perform as a puppet play.
  • Make your own puppets with paper bags or socks.
  • Make Popsicle stick puppets.
  • Watch YouTube videos of puppet plays for example.
  • Go to see a live puppet show.
  • Explore joke books to learn new jokes to use in your puppet skits.
  • Create your own unique creature puppet.
  • Construct your own puppet theatre. Appliance boxes work really well.
  • Start a collection of puppets and define the personality traits they will portray in plays.

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