Magic Shows for Education

Fascination with magic starts early with games of peekaboo and often continues through childhood and well into adulthood. Magic shows have been a cultural staple for decades and will most likely continue to be. When a child sees a magic trick for the first time, their mind stretches to accommodate the new possibilities they are presented with. At ABC Great Beginnings, we are pleased to offer magic shows as one of our extra activities. We think they’re important for fostering curiosity, independence and most of all, fun! Read on to learn more about why we love magic shows at ABC Great Beginnings.

They Encourage Creativity and Imagination

When a child first sees something that stretches their mind it can create endless opportunities for imagination. Magic shows allow children to create a multidimensional environment where they can create new scenarios and ideas without limits. Creativity and imagination can flourish when they are inspired by something that seems other-worldly.

They Hold Kids’ Attentions

Magic shows are captivating! For children who have a tough time maintaining their attention span through a whole lesson, a magic show can be a useful way to keep their attention. Kids won’t be able to look away once the tricks begin. Oftentimes, magicians who perform for kids infuse their programs with lessons and tools for learning. This way, students’ attentions are held while they are entertained and continue to work on the important lessons learned at preschool.

It’s Fun!

Magic shows are fun! These shows have endured so long because they are enchanting and allow viewers to step outside the realm of reality and into what’s possible. Suspending beliefs to let imagination and creativity take hold is a valuable lesson in itself.

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