Preparing Your Little One for Picture Day

Individual and class portraits are exciting for kids.

Class pictures and individual portraits are a great way to create memories, as they encapsulate your child’s age every single year. Photos, particularly class photos, can help boost your child’s self-esteem because they’ll see themselves as part of a group. This helps them feel valued and know they are an important part of the class.

However, preparing for this special day can sometimes be stressful. Plenty of things can go wrong on picture day morning, from your child refusing to wear a new outfit, to screaming and crying about having their hair brushed. When it comes time for the actual picture, there’s a chance your child will pull a funny face, pout or refuse to sit still. Fortunately, ABC Great Beginnings has some picture day preparation tips for you to make the day fun and stress-free.

Think Cute and Comfortable

When you’re choosing an outfit for your child, comfort is the key. If your child is photographed in something stiff, tight or itchy, this discomfort will show through in the photo. Make sure to choose an outfit that is cute, comfortable and seasonally appropriate. This way your little one can relax for the photo. If it’s a full body photo, make sure you coordinate the shoes with the outfit so it matches.

Clean and Press

Make sure your child’s clothing is clean and pressed so there are no wrinkles or stains. You should also think about the style of photography and background. Try to choose colors that complement your child’s skin tone. Choose clothing that features tasteful details rather than distracting logos, brand names or characters.

Hair Tips

You might be tempted to create an elaborate hairstyle for picture day, but there’s a chance your work might be ruined before the photo is even taken. Hairstyles that are self-sustaining are best. A little hair product goes a long way, so don’t go overboard on the hairspray.

Stay at Home

We know that you want your child’s picture to be perfect, but if you’re there it creates unnecessary pressure for everyone. Photographers don’t need parents hovering over their shoulder; they are professionals and know how to get smiles out of children.

Don’t make it a big deal

While picture day is exciting and creates lasting memories, it doesn’t need to be turned into a massive event. Just let your child have fun and let the photographer do their job. The smiles will come naturally.

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