When Should You Put Your Infant in Daycare?

When Should You Put Your Infant in Daycare

Deciding when to put your infant in daycare is one of the most challenging choices a parent faces. It’s a decision wrapped in many emotions, practicalities, and concerns. This guide aims to help you navigate the factors that should influence your decision, ensuring it’s the right one for your family and, most importantly, your baby.

Assessing Your Family’s Needs

Work Schedules and Commitments

Your work schedule plays a crucial role in deciding when to start daycare. If both parents are working full-time, earlier daycare enrollment might be necessary. Part-time work or flexible schedules can allow for delayed or staggered daycare start times.

Financial Considerations

Daycare costs can vary widely based on location, type of care, and hours needed. It’s essential to evaluate your budget and consider whether the benefits of daycare justify the expense or if alternative arrangements might be more feasible.

Evaluating Infant Readiness

Developmental Milestones

Assessing your infant’s developmental milestones can help determine if they are ready for daycare. Some infants may adapt better to daycare settings once they can sit up, crawl, or walk.

Socialization Needs

Infants begin to show interest in social interactions around six months of age. If your child enjoys being around other children and shows curiosity about their surroundings, they might be ready for the social environment of daycare.

Emotional Readiness

Your baby’s temperament and ability to handle new environments and people are significant factors. Some infants are naturally more adaptable, while others may require more adjusting time.

Why Choose ABC Great Beginnings?

Choosing when to put your infant in daycare is a significant decision. At ABC Great Beginnings, we understand this and are here to help. Our infant program, designed for babies from six weeks to one year, focuses on bonding, muscle development, and fostering curiosity with activities like tummy time and peek-a-boo. Older infants enjoy safe play with toys, books, and music. Our centers in the Salt Lake Valley offer nurturing environments, including outdoor time and separate play areas for infants and toddlers at select locations. Please see our program list below:

Age Specific Child Care & After School Programs


Infants are precious, each with unique needs. Our flexible infant program caters to these needs from six weeks to one year, focusing on bonding, muscle development, and curiosity. Our centers provide a safe environment with toys, books, music, and outdoor activities.


Toddlers learn through exploration. Our program supports their adventurous spirit with activities like art, music, sand, and water play. Outdoor time is included, and some centers have separate play areas for infants and toddlers.


Two-year-olds are full of energy and curiosity. Our program introduces early preschool activities like circle time, where children learn letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. We also support potty training and offer outdoor play and group games.

Three & Four-Year-Olds

Our program for three—and four-year-olds encourages experimentation and discovery. We teach pre-writing skills, letter and number recognition, and simple science projects. Using the TeachingStrategies curriculum, we focus on two monthly themes and offer activities that promote social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.


Our preschool program prepares children for kindergarten with early math and reading skills, physical activities, and more. We use the TeachingStrategies curriculum to meet national accreditation and Head Start Program Performance Standards.

School-Age Children

We offer excellent programs for school-age kids, providing a safe and engaging environment with various activities that support their growth and development.

Tour one of our centers to see how ABC Great Beginnings can benefit your child at every stage of their development. We are committed to providing your child with the highest quality of care and education from infancy through school. Enroll today, and let us be a part of your child’s growth and learning journey. We look forward to welcoming you to the ABC Great Beginnings family!

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